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Grand Opening!

Zoom Room Denver Debuts

On January 21st, the Zoom Room will open its doors to celebrate the social aspect of dog ownership in Denver, Colorado. The day will include FREE dog agility classes throughout the morning and a fabulous party in the afternoon. Everything is free – and everyone, including your pooch, is welcome!  And we’ll be giving away some great prizes, including a free group class and a free dog party!

Zoom Room Denver

1165 S. Broadway
Denver‎, CO‎ 80210
TEL: (303) 578-8701
FAX: (303) 500-3381

Spring Arrives in Denver !

Dumb Friends League offers spring-break
camps for young pet lovers

DENVER (March 14, 2011) Looking for a fun and educational activity for your child over spring break? The Dumb Friends League is offering one-day spring camps for second through eighth graders. Spring Critter Camps are a great opportunity for your kids to learn about animals and interact with some adorable pets.

Nicole Schimming, humane education manager at the Dumb Friends League, says the organization is excited to offer one-day spring camps for the first time. “Teaching kindness, compassion and respect is what it’s all about,” she said.

Schimming also said the Dumb Friends League places great value on educating young people about the care of animals at an early age. “We believe it’s important for future generations to learn about safety around pets, animal body language, and potential careers with pets, because these young children will soon be our adopters, employees, volunteers and supporters,” Schimming said. “Besides, it’s just great fun to see the smile on a child’s face when they get to experience the human-animal bond.”

Crafts Camp, offered on March 22 and 29, is for second and third graders. Campers will make crafts they can take home, learn about caring for pets, and interact with dog and cat ambassadors.

Cat Camp, a camp for fourth and fifth graders, will be held on March 23 and 30. This camp is all about feline. Children will learn about cat care while socializing with shelter cats and learning how to clicker-train them.

Careers Camp is designed for sixth through eighth graders who dream of working with animals. It will be offered on March 24 and 31. This camp is an opportunity for young adults to gain first-hand knowledge about different animal-related careers. They will meet a pet adoption counselor and learn about their job as well as observe a veterinarian in surgery and have the opportunity to train cat, dogs and rats.

Each one-day Critter Camp lasts from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and costs $50, which benefits the Dumb Friends League. Camps take place at the Dumb Friends League Quebec Street shelter in Denver and the Buddy Center in Castle Rock. For more information, or to register your child, please visit or call (303) 751-5772, Ext. 7231.

Dumb Friends League Crafts Camp

March 22 and March 29; 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

One-day camp for young pet lovers, ages 6 to 8 (2nd through 3rd grade). Fun and educational camp where children learn through crafts. Campers will create take-home crafts, learn about pet care and interact with cat and dog ambassadors. $50 for one-day camp.

Dumb Friends League Cat Camp
March 23 and March 30; 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

One-day camp for young pet lovers, ages 9 to 11 (4th through 5th grade). Fun and educational camp where children learn all about cats. Campers will have the opportunity to socialize with cats and even learn to clicker-train a shelter cat. $50 for one-day camp.

About the Dumb Friends League

As the leading animal welfare organization in the Rocky Mountain region, the Dumb Friends League has been helping pets and people in the Denver metro area and beyond for 100 years. The Dumb Friends League has two shelter locations: its main shelter at 2080 S. Quebec St. in Denver and the Buddy Center at 4556 Castleton Court in Castle Rock. For more information about the Dumb Friends League, visit or call (303) 751-5772.

* All information and photos provided by the Denver Dumb Friends League

I have used this group to clean my 2 Golden Retriever’s teeth. I recommend them highly.

Good dental health can help prevent kidney, liver and heart disorders and numerous other health problems.

BEFORE                                                                                                AFTER

Well Animal Institute


Call for dates and locations

Cindy Lloyd, C.P.D.H.
Dr. Turie Norman


Yappy Hour Denver

Today, Thursday, July 29 7:00p

at Hotel Monaco, Denver, Denver, CO

1717 Champa St.

Denver, CO 80202

800-990-1303 303-296-1717

CBS Greatest American Dog Judge and NBC Today’s Show Pet Lifestyle Contributor, Wendy Diamond, is coming to Denver! Join her at the exclusive 2010 Yappy Hour® Tour!

On July 29, 2010 please join us for our 2010 Yappy Hour® at Kimpton’s fabulous Monaco Hotel celebrating the release of Wendy and Lucky Diamond’s new book, It’s a Dog’s World!

The event will be raising money for a local animal rescue shelter!

Price: $50.00

Park officials vote to downsize areas for

off-leash dog parks / 9 news Denver

Above is a link to the 9 news video report.Sorry they make you watch a commercial first. It is an informative report though and worth watching.

ARAPAHOE COUNTY – For months, dog owners have been writing 9NEWS about a conflict at two of the state’s most popular parks. After hundreds of hours of debate, Colorado parks officials voted against those dog owners.

They voted to downsize areas for off-leash dog parks on Thursday.

The Cherry Creek State Park area will go from its current 125 acres to 107 acres, and the area at Chatfield from 80 acres to 69 acres. The downsizing was not the only decision made.

Park officials also unanimously voted to renovate the off-leash parks with new fencing, and extra staffing. The officials say they felt the changes were needed because of exponential growth of users at the two parks.

They say over the last 20 years, the number of off-leash dog users is 20 times what it used to be. The state says that growth has led to some safety and environmental issues.

David Tracer, an off-leash dog user for 12 years, attended Thursday’s public hearing.

“It really is a recreational area for people, first and foremost, and I’d like to see all users accommodated,” he said.

Tracer says he feels officials are downplaying how significant this downsizing really is.

“There is some conflict over what the actual size is, there are some areas that users believe have never been off limit that they’re saying have always been off limits,” he said.

On the other side of the debate is Bob Hantschel, who has run a horse camp for 37 years outside Cherry Creek State Park. Hantschel says he and his colleagues have not taken any public rides out this year. He says that is because there are too many dogs that spook his horses. The lack of public rides means a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in business.

“The unfortunate thing is that Fluffy doesn’t listen to their mom,” Hantschel said.

Cherry Creek State Park officials hope a wire fence will lower the number of user conflicts between dogs and horses. They say they do not feel their requests to downsize are unreasonable.

“[We've] formally designated almost the entire area at Chatfield, and a very large area at Cherry Creek to be, what we believe to be possibly the biggest off-leash dog areas in the country,” Ken Brink with the Colorado State Parks said.

Implementation of this plan could take up to five years. The full cost for the Chatfield plan is almost $190,000, and the cost for Cherry Creek State Parks renovation is more than $850,000. They say the reason that number is so high is because they are responding to the public’s request to create an entrance to the dog park at the 12-Mile South entrance.

The new user fee will be $2 per day or a $20 annual tag for off-leash users.


Kick back and relax with a smorgasbord of hot dogs, bark burgers, K-9 kegs, music and fun

Where: City Bark at 2000 W 8th Avenue, Denver, CO

When : Saturday, July 17th 12:30 – 3:30 PM

Why: All to benefit their wonderful rescue dogs and “party” with other dog lovers and dogs

What to bring: A towel for the pooch pool, A blanket or chair for yourself, your dog loving friends, and appetite

Suggested Donation : $15 / adult

100% of donations will go to the dogs

View in a larger map

You gotta LOVE a store that posts on it’s doors that  PETS ARE WELCOME !

HW HOME in Cherry Creek North in Denver is a furniture store that does just that. I am in the market for a sofa and I have to say the service is warm and friendly as well as informative. What else would you expect of an establishment that says it allows pets on the entrance door ?

If you are in the market for some furniture pay them a visit. If not just drop in and look around they have some cool things in there.

I went to the fundraiser ” Suds For Buds ” at the Irish Hound last night. I met a lot of friendly people doing good work for our pet population.When a companion has a health crisis that an owner is unable to afford to treat foundation monies are used to cover some of the costs of providing care. Over a thousand animals have received care subsidies from the Helping Hands fund.

They are looking for volunteers if you are looking to get involved with a good organization. I signed up to volunteer and made  $50 donation to this worthy cause.

I’ve listed their website above and here is their other contact information:

Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation
9870 E. Alameda Avenue, c/o VCA AEVH
Denver, CO 80247-1302.

And here is a little more of what they are about from their website.

Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation

Seems our animal companions need our help more than ever before.

Some ten years ago, Alameda East Veterinary Hospital established a fund earmarked for care of companion animals in need. Many generous folks have donated along the way, and since then, over a thousand animals have received care subsidies from the Helping Hands fund.

Advances–often costly–in veterinary care and the sheer number of animals in need served as the impetus to create a formal, non-profit foundation. In 2003, Helping Hands became Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation, and was granted 501(c)(3) status, recognized as a non-profit entity by the IRS.

With the increased sophistication in care we commonly see our beloved companions turn gray in the muzzle and live full, rich lives. But what happens when a companion has a health crisis that an owner is unable to afford to treat? Foundation monies are used to:

  • Cover some of the costs of providing care for stray animals

  • Help clients pay for necessary medical and surgical care for their pets

  • Educate the public about advances in veterinary medical care

  • Assist in the prevention of cruelty to animals

We all want the best care for our animal companions but sometimes it is difficult to afford it. Your donation to Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation allows veterinary professionals to provide the best medical and surgical care possible for all patients.

An advisory board reviews cases and determines how funds will be allocated. Please make your donation payable to Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation; an acknowledgment of your kind gift will be sent when we receive your contribution.

Thank you for helping us expand the services delivered to deserving companions.

Mail donations to:
Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation
9870 E. Alameda Avenue, c/o AEVH
Denver, CO 80247-1302.

Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

I saw this report on 9 News this morning and I am going with my dog to try it out. It is the regular frozen custard from Good Times with dog treats and a peanut butter sauce.

The cost is $1 and the proceeds go to local animal shelters.

The Paw Bender is available at Good Times locations through out Colorado.