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Back On Track Canine Rehabilitation Center

3630 Broadway St
Boulder, CO 80304

Susie Findlay, Physical Therapist


Monday and Friday 7am – 4 pm

Call for an appointment

Susie Findlay is a Physical Therapist who works with us humans 3 days a week and devotes 2 of her work days to working with canines. Her facility is located behind the Boulder Veterinary Clinic on Broadway in Boulder, Colorado.
She will help your canine rehab after injury or surgery. She uses many of the same treatments we get as humans. She has a heated therapy pool that helps your dog gain strength and range of motion as well as lose unwanted pounds. The ultimate goal in the pool is to swim 30 minutes straight. There is a shallow end that allows your dog to rest and build up slowly to this goal.
I worked with Susie as her Assistant for several years and saw miracles happen everyday. Her expertise, treatment and miracle hot water therapy pool changed many a canine lives for the better.
If your Buddy as been injured or is just getting older and needs a form of exercise that’s easy on the joints, give Susie a call. You and your dog will be GLAD you did. It is worth the drive from Denver to get the Top Quality care Susie gives her clients.

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