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Buzz Cafe

Cayman goes for the dog biscuts

1229 East 6th Avenue
Denver, CO 80218-3579

(303) 831-1077

Located at 6th Ave and Marion St Buzz Cafe is LOCALLY OWNED. It caters to walk in and drive-thru  patrons. This converted gas station / garage is just past The Esquire Theater on 6th Ave.

I live close to here. In the winter I put my winter coat over my pajamas and walk over. My fiend visiting from California was AMAZED that they knew my order without me having to talk.

Located outside the cafe is a fenced patio area that has umbrellas and flowers in the Summer. You can enjoy your coffee out there with your dog. You can tell they are dog friendly by the BAG O BISCUITS in the window by the drive-thru. They gave my dog Cayman a dog buscuit as we walked by.

It’s really cute and comfortable inside. There is FREE WIFI. BEST of ALL the coffee is GREAT ! BUZZ CAFE IS LOCALLY OWNED ! When the weather is nice they open the 2 garage doors.So go on by and read the paper outside in this INCREDIBLE Spring weather with your Best Canine Buddy.


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I was on South Gaylord on Friday March 12th and there were so many people walking with their dogs. Outside the Tavern with it’s outside patio many people had the dogs just outside enjoying the weather and the affection of people walking by.
Another dog friendly place in Denver.

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Cafe Europa with Big Dogs outside and little dogs inside


Cafe Europa has big dogs outside and little purse dogs inside.

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Walking by Noodles in Cherry Creek a dog on a table playing with children inside brought a smile to my face.