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I went to the fundraiser ” Suds For Buds ” at the Irish Hound last night. I met a lot of friendly people doing good work for our pet population.When a companion has a health crisis that an owner is unable to afford to treat foundation monies are used to cover some of the costs of providing care. Over a thousand animals have received care subsidies from the Helping Hands fund.

They are looking for volunteers if you are looking to get involved with a good organization. I signed up to volunteer and madeĀ  $50 donation to this worthy cause.

I’ve listed their website above and here is their other contact information:

Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation
9870 E. Alameda Avenue, c/o VCA AEVH
Denver, CO 80247-1302.

And here is a little more of what they are about from their website.

Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation

Seems our animal companions need our help more than ever before.

Some ten years ago, Alameda East Veterinary Hospital established a fund earmarked for care of companion animals in need. Many generous folks have donated along the way, and since then, over a thousand animals have received care subsidies from the Helping Hands fund.

Advances–often costly–in veterinary care and the sheer number of animals in need served as the impetus to create a formal, non-profit foundation. In 2003, Helping Hands became Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation, and was granted 501(c)(3) status, recognized as a non-profit entity by the IRS.

With the increased sophistication in care we commonly see our beloved companions turn gray in the muzzle and live full, rich lives. But what happens when a companion has a health crisis that an owner is unable to afford to treat? Foundation monies are used to:

  • Cover some of the costs of providing care for stray animals

  • Help clients pay for necessary medical and surgical care for their pets

  • Educate the public about advances in veterinary medical care

  • Assist in the prevention of cruelty to animals

We all want the best care for our animal companions but sometimes it is difficult to afford it. Your donation to Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation allows veterinary professionals to provide the best medical and surgical care possible for all patients.

An advisory board reviews cases and determines how funds will be allocated. Please make your donation payable to Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation; an acknowledgment of your kind gift will be sent when we receive your contribution.

Thank you for helping us expand the services delivered to deserving companions.

Mail donations to:
Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation
9870 E. Alameda Avenue, c/o AEVH
Denver, CO 80247-1302.

Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

This is an organization that I am starting to volunteer with. HABIC Human Animal Bond in Colorado ( is based out of Ft Collins but has a Denver Chapter headed by Carrie Bowlus, HABIC Denver – Coordinator, Human Animal Team Trainer.
There is an Orientation meeting this Monday, March 29, 2010, 7PM to 9 PM at St Joseph Hospital in the Mullen Board Room. This Orientation is designed to give you an overview of the organization and the process of becoming a Human-Animal Team. THIS MEETING IS FOR HUMANS ONLY.
If you are in the Denver Metro area and interested in attending please contact Carrie Bowlus directly at 970-310-4280/

Human Animal Bond

OUR MISSION: Improving the quality of life for people of all ages through the therapeutic use of companion animals.

The love of a companion animal is uncomplicated and unconditional, naturally received and returned by people of all ages. It is in this spirit that Human-Animal Bond in Colorado (HABIC) was founded. Established in 1993 at Colorado State University’s College of Applied Human Sciences – School of Social Work, HABIC is a program that effectively uses the powerful human-animal bond in therapeutic settings.

In addition to enriching the lives of clients in hospitals, schools, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation, residential treatment, youth corrections, and hospice programs, HABIC grants human volunteers an emotionally rewarding experience, and provides an enjoyable purpose for their animal.

Animal-Human Teams

You and your animal share the ability to change the life of someone in need. HABIC requires that each potential volunteer team undergo a thorough screening and training process to ensure that those working with vulnerable persons are well prepared, and are able to act confidently and independently. Once you are trained and placed in a facility, a commitment of at least one year is expected. If you think you may be interested in cultivating a deeper and more meaningful human-animal bond to share with others, and are willing to make the kind of commitment necessary for HABIC work, please contact the HABIC office at 970-491-2776 or An annual $25 membership donation is required.

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