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Spring Arrives in Denver !

The Human- Canine bond is so strong.

This is a story of a Denver resident who LOVED her Golden Retriever, Teddi , so much she has a tattoo of Teddi on her leg.  Read her story in her own words.

Teddi Tattoo

Here are the pictures of my tattoo of Teddi, my golden retriever and the actual photo (taken 1 week before she crossed the rainbow bridge) of her…..I moved here 14 years ago, leaving my family, my friends, my hometown and everything I had ever known, for love. I arrived here on
September 19, 1996 and we got Teddi a few weeks later. Teddi was my girl from the moment that she picked me out when we went to see her and her litter mates. She was hanging out with her brothers and came bounding over, slightly sideways, when she saw me. She was bigger than most of her brothers and to this day, I have never seen another female golden as big as she was. She was 89lbs. strong and fit, right till the end. Her physicalness astounded everyone she met at the age of 13, even more so after telling that she was a two time cancer survivor. Yes, at the age of 8 she fought an aggressive mast cell tumor that had spread through to the roof of her mouth. Luckily no further than that. The vet said that they would have to reconstruct her snout/nose after surgery but all that was avoided with Cryo Freezing, radiation and 6 months of chemotherapy. Thank you, VRCC! Just a scar beside her nose which is very present in the tattoo, and I love that scar of strength! Leaving your life, your home and your family for love…hmmmmm…my advice to anyone DON’T DO IT! I got abandoned 9 years after moving here….and my source of comfort and strength came from Teddi. That dog who had fought and won and fought and won. She needed me, but more so, I needed her….Teddi taught me that STUFF doesn’t matter, unless it ended in “ing” and came inside a toy….that snow angels didn’t need wings, any shape was beautiful….that if sickness sometimes rules your life, carpet sucks and laminate rocks!….that no matter how much chemo or how many surgeries or how much radiation curses your body, there will ALWAYS be enough energy for a tail wag….that love never comes in any other form than sloppy wet kisses, wet dog smell in the car and muddy paw prints on the kitchen floor….that when one of your four legged siblings leave, those left behind will still wait for you to someday come back through the dog door…that all pain is tolerable if you have a body of water and a frissbee…and that life is worth fighting for….
Teddi was my connection to all the happiness that was my life and when that happiness ended, she taught me how to roll around in the grass until all bad thoughts flew out your ears , pick yourself up, shake yourself off and find a stick for tomorrow…because tomorrow always comes….

The Whole Family

Satchmo was one of the Service Dogs I trained to assist people in wheelchairs in Denver. He helped Shaun get clothes out of the dryer, brought keys to slip under the door for visitors to get in, retrieved the cordless phone and was an all around GREAT companion.

Satchmo the Service Dog

Friends Hangin’ out

Best Friends