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Colorado Bed Bug K9, LLC

The Rocky Mountain Region’s first Certified Bed Bug DogTM

Since 2008

Walter Penny, K9 Handler

Macaroni hard at work

Macaroni, Bed Bug Dog™

Mobile: 303-887-3625

Working for a large pest control company Walter saw firsthand how quickly the Bed Bug problem was growing. With that in the back of his mind he became aware of Bed Bug Dogs™ being used on the East Coast for accurate Bed Bug detection. Always wanting to try his hand at forming his own small business and the desire to someday own a dog he realized that a potential win/win opportunity might be at hand.

After many months of research he took the plunge and made plans to get his dog from Florida K9 Academy. With a tumbling economy Walter quit his job and hit the ground running with the very first Bed Bug Dog™ in the Rocky Mountains and hence Colorado Bed Bug K9, LLC was born.

Macaroni is a 30lb Whippet/Labrador/Beagle mix or a “Wabble” rescued from a shelter. With accuracy for detecting Bed Bugs well beyond that of a human inspector, Macaroni has traveled up and down the Front Range, into the mountain ski areas, and even Council Bluffs, Iowa performing Bed Bug inspections.
While Macaroni does the inspecting Walter adds his front line pest control experience. Walter empowers his clients with knowledge and education on how to find and work with a good pest control provider and tips on what the client can also do to protect themselves from bringing Bed Bugs into their homes and businesses.

Walter and Macaroni passionately love what they do and are delighted to be serving Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region.

Rescued from a shelter, Macaroni has had between 600 to 800 hours of bed bug scent detection training with Master Trainer, Bill Whitstine.  As Macaroni’s handler I am delighted to be able to bring the latest in scent detection technology to Denver and the Rocky Mountain Region.

CBBK9 is an independent inspection service and does not offer pest control services or use chemicals of any kind.